At the beginning tell me, what questions would you like to ask me. And then I can answer you, how long time I need to prepare the answers to these questions and how much is it.

I reserve my right to refuse to consult, without any explanation. For that I apologize in advance.

1. Karmic task

A long time before I started to study astrology, I asked myself about a karma. Always I find the different answers, without any logical explanation. Fortunately, I knew, what is it a karmic task.

Concept of «karmic task» is not something essential. It is quite concrete concept. It is quite a specific action for everyone. And a word «karma» it is not frightening and sinister.

You can know what is it a karmic task too.  

2. Characteristic of adults 

It is interesting to listen of yourself. Sometimes it is a situation, when listening of yourself is quite important. It is much important for the people, who has strange situations or professions in a life.  

3. Career guidance

60 minutes consultation - £150

Sometimes the people don’t know, why they lost them job. Now and then, it is because they don’t have interest of this job anymore. And more often the yang people make the questions about a future profession.

4. Compatibility of the partners

The question of compatibility is important when the people start them relationships of love, business, projects. It’s important for the actors, when they start to shooting the film, because of perspective of relationships with them сolleagues, producer, director, even writer.

5. Selection date

Marriage, start of business, movement, purchase, bying a house, car, equipment, trip to the doctor, time for holiday, etc. And ending any relationship without consequence, submission of tax reports.  

6. Sexual compatibility

7. Description of the child's personality

Sometimes a child has very different character of them parents. What reaction you need to show him? What talents he has? How to educate a child, using his personality capabilities? How to understand, which capabilities hi has? You can know it because of hem natal map.

London - UK

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